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After pantry organization makeover

After Pantry Makeover

After pantry organization makeover

We moved the appliances to another storage area, food stuffs are now in containers w/labels and kids have easy access to snacks.

Pantry Before

Before Pantry Makeover

Pantry Before

A mix of appliances and jumbo food boxes made it difficult to keep organized.

After Space For Backpacks & Misc. Space

Life just got easier for this family!

Before Space for Backpacks & Misc. Storage

Life is going to get a little easier for this family!

After Kids Homework & Play Space

Even the toddler has a space to be creative!

Playroom Before

Before Kids Homework & Play Space

Playroom Before

Help, school is starting soon!

After Laundry Room Transformation


Our sorting and decluttering efforts were a big success!


Before Laundry Room Transformation

Before Laundry Room Transformation.

Multi-Functional Space Shelving & Storage


Bookshelves and storage bins for a dash of color.

Jujubz Branded Penguin Shelf Paper

Our clients love our quirky shelf protection paper!